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Torrie Wilson On The Demise Of Her Original Finisher, Al Wilson Asking Vince For A Limo Ride

Torrie Wilson sat down with Ring the Belle to talk about working with her father in WWE. Since Al only appeared during TV days, Torrie stated that he never really got a handle on backstage politics. “One time he asked Vince McMahon if he can get a ride in his limo to the building from the hotel. Yes, he did ask him. He got a ride. So I was always constantly worried, “is dad gonna embarrass me tonight? On a side note, it was just so fun to have that experience with him and to give him that experience.”

That feud also involved Dawn Marie, and Torrie revealed that her matches with the former ECW star were more than just business. “It was fun to wrestle her because we had this weird thing. I don’t think she really liked me. It was almost like some of our fights were real!”

The video also asks about Torrie’s original finisher, the Torrienado DDT. “That is a move that you really have to rely on the person you’re giving it to to make you look good. Not everyone wants to make you look that great like Nidia. Takes someone very athletic on her part to be able to take that move, so not everyone can take it.”

You can see the full interview in the video embedded below:

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