Photo: Dominic DeAngelo

Lance Archer Aspires For Singles Gold In NJPW, Talks Working To Change People’s Opinion Of His Skills

I got to catch up with Lance Archer while he was at Starrcast III in Chicago on behalf of Warrior Wrestling, and The American Psycho shared his thoughts on starting off the NJPW G1 Climax in his backyard of Dallas, TX against Will Ospreay. The big man also talks about what his future goals with the company are now after having a stellar performance in the tournament and what he expects from New Japan as a global brand going forward.

Lance Archer on the big impression he left on fans after his G1 Climax run this summer:


“I worked my ass off to change the game, change my game, changed people’s minds who they thought I was and who they know I am going to be.”

On what his future goals are with NJPW:

“I really hope with New Japan—I was really considered a tag team guy, Killer Elite Squad had an amazing run for seven years. Now kind of thrown into the singles realm again and then you know with everything that happened through the G1. My hope is that they take notice the idea of maybe giving me chances within the single titles reigns. I believe that I could absolutely be the badass IWGP Heavyweight Champion so hopefully one day I get that chance, but we also have the Intercontinental Title, the U.S. Title and the Never Championship – all three titles which are extremely heavily regarded I think around the world. I would be honored to carry any of those and just kill everybody in my path.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)