Salina De La Renta On Her Love For Producing, Working With LA Park (And Her Hatred For Konnan)

Wrestlezone’s Dominic DeAngelo caught up with MLW‘s Salina de la Renta at Starrcast III in Chicago. The orchestrator of Promociones Dorado talked about why working with a wrestling legend like LA Park is her favorite part of wrestling, but also flips to the other side of the coin and mentions her hatred for another lucha libre legend like Konnan.

On her love for LA Park & her enjoyment for being in the executive producer role:


“Well working with LA Park is my favorite part of wrestling, period. I’ve always watched his matches in videos and then I’m like, ‘Oh, he’s really good,’ but when I’m in person, like the vibe is so different. Like I know that this is my guy and he’s going to whip some butt (I can’t use that kind of language in here).

“But when I watched him have his match in MLW against Sami Callihan that was literally one of my favorites that they did back in Miami. And I had a lot of fun watching Sami Callihan with Mance Warner, the one in Wisconsin which was ‘The Loser Leaves MLW’ match and Sami got to leave so you’re welcome. I love producing, that is probably my next favorite thing.

On her hatred for Konnan:

“Konnan. I just hate him. I swear. If I could just have him like strapped on a pole and I could just like hit him with a bat like over and over I would, I would, but it’s very cool that I get to share the ring with a Lucha Libre legend no matter what he’s going to be that I can’t deny that so it’s very fun.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)