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Photo Credit: WWE

The Fiend Attacks Seth Rollins After He Retains WWE Universal Championship Against Braun Strowman

In the main event of WWE Clash of Champions, Seth Rollins defended the WWE Universal Championship against Braun Strowman. Rollins retained the title after a hard-fought match but afterwards he was attacked by the Fiend.

Earlier in the show, Rollins and Strowman lost the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship to Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. In the match between the former partners, Strowman manhandled Rollins but the champion took the big man down with some strikes. Strowman emphatically kicked out before one when Rollins hit a Frog Splash. The Monster Among Men dominated the match early on but Rollins caught Strowman with two springboard knees to the head. The big man trucked over the champion twice outside the ring. Rollins took briefly took control but Strowman hit a diving splash. The dive hurt Strowman’s knee and Rollins kicked out of the pin attempt. Rollins locked in a sleeper hold, Strowman fought out of it and kicked out of three Curb Stomps.  Strowman’s leg gave out when he attempted a powerslam, Rollins hit a Pedigree and pinned Strowman after a fourth Curb Stomp. As Rollins walked to the back, he was attacked by the Fiend, who hit the champion with Sister Abigail on the stage. The Fiend also put Rollins in the Mandible Claw. The show ended with Bray Wyatt’s laughter filling the arena.

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