Thunder Rosa
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Thunder Rosa On Getting Her Combate Americas Career Started, Balancing Pro Wrestling & MMA

Thunder Rosa says she’s looking forward to making her mixed martial arts debut, and she’s putting everything into her new venture just like she does with professional wrestling.

Thunder Rosa (aka WOW’s Serpentine) recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard while promoting season two of Women Of Wrestling on AXS. During the call (recorded Monday night), she was asked about the recent reports that she would be fighting for Combate Americas and if she knew any details about her first fight. While she declined to comment in detail, she said Combate would be announcing something soon, and we learned this morning in a press release that it will be a multi-fight deal, with her first fight in San Antonio on Friday, November 8.

Thunder Rosa says she’s had a few years in Brazilian jiu-jitsu training, but she’s excited for the opportunity Combate Americas has given her. “One thing I can tell you is I’m really excited.” Thunder Rosa said. “My style of fighting, right now, it’s my first fight, I’m focusing a lot more on being very technical. And making sure that I’m present, I’m there, and I’m gonna kick ass. So I’m really excited. This is something completely different than wrestling, and I’m very very beyond excited because Combate Americas is giving me this platform. No matter what happens in the ring I’m gonna give it my all. Just like Thunder Rosa, I’m not gonna back down.”

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Thunder Rosa said her opponent is undetermined, but she’s “working my ass off every single day training.” When asked if she’s looking to juggle MMA and pro wrestling simultaneously, she said she’s attempting it. “MMA definitely takes most of my time. I do most of my training right now MMA. Wrestling is my job, so, I’m booking bigger bookings and trying to not travel as much during the week.” Thunder Rosa said. “But I mean, everything is possible, you know? I just have to keep that mentality in everything I do in life and the only ones that can stop ourselves is ourselves.”