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Move To FOX Will Shift When SmackDown Airs In Certain Time Zones

Times zones aren’t something you usually have to think about. Television shows air when you expect them to and most of us don’t travel enough to notice things like tape-delayed episodes. However, if you regularly chat about SmackDown online, you may soon notice some people’s comments out of sync. This is due to new network FOX realigning when the show will air in certain parts of the country.

As of right now, SmackDown on USA airs at 8 PM Eastern in most parts of the country, and on a tape delay at 8 PM Pacific on the west coast. FOX will keep most of that intact, but SmackDown will air at 7 PM Mountain Time in that time zone. This shifts it to 9 PM Eastern, airing it two hours before the West coast and only an hour after the rest of the country. This will be in place even for satellite TV subscribers, who previously got a live feed of the show at 5 PM Pacific on the west coast.

However, if you are on the West Coast and want to see SmackDown as it airs in New York, you can log onto or the Fox Sports App. Those services will air the show at the normal 8 PM Easter time for those with an authenticated TV login.

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