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Joel Gertner On The Dudley Boyz Leaving ECW For WWE, Shane Fair’s White Glove Party Watch Party Details

Go Professional Wrestling announced The Shane Fair White Glove Party will be airing on Facebook live tonight at 7 pm with a watch party for everyone to enjoy.

The following matches will be part of the broadcast, which was part of Go Pro’s debut event, “Go Big Or Go Home” this past Saturday.

‘Retrosexual’ Anthony Greene vs. Crowbar

Pro Wrestling Magic Dark Arts Championship

‘The Meadowlands Monster’ Lou B
runo (c) vs. Smiley
Commentary for the event is provided by FITE’s Josh Shernoff and ECW Original Joel Gertner.

In related news, Shernoff’s latest episode of his “So Says Shernoff” show on FITE is now available for streaming. The latest episode features a new interview with Gertner, who talks about his career as a manager and commentator in wrestling. Gertner talked about the reaction to finding out the Dudleys were going to WWE, noting that there might have been a chance for him to go with Bubba and D-Von, but he had been getting ready to co-host ECW’s TNN show. He says he prefers not to look back with regret in how things turned out, but he was happy for his former stablemates and ECW alumni.

“I was proud for them. As it related to me, everything happened at the same time in ’99, kind of in the middle of the year as everything was happening, they were getting ready to leave and go to the WWF and I was getting promoted to be the co-host of the TNN show, our flagship TV show had never had a co-host it was just Joey, so this was going to be me as the co-host with Joey, and doing color. One way of looking at it is hindsight is 20-20, and there’s regret in that. And there’s nothing to regret – I prefer not to look at it as hindsight is 20-20, but I prefer to look at it as you got to have blind faith when you jump in, you do it with a blindfold on, and you just kind of – the same way what’s on-screen is episodic, is the same way while art is imitating life, life’s imitating it’s art, imitating life – behind the scenes, that’s all episodic too.”

“Your life is a soap opera, and I – to go back and try and think about it now, and was there talk of me going with them, I know that before I had signed the contract, Bubba and D-Von – I don’t know if it was 100 percent full-fledged was I invited to go with them or at that stage, because maybe this would come first, it was more along the lines of, “are you sure you want to sign the contract?” If I wouldn’t have signed then I would’ve been available to go with them. So, to go back, 20 years and try to put the jigsaw puzzle together – I had spoken with the WWF once about going before the Dudleys went, and when ECW – in the last days of ECW I heard that there might have been interesting from WCW. But as we know, ECW and WCW kind of ended at the same time. So was there legitimate, substantial, worthwhile, viable opportunity for me to go to a company other than ECW, between two and three different times, and between those four adjectives, probably. But it didn’t happen.”

Check out the full episode below: