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NWA Sends A Special Thank You After ‘Power’ TV Tapings

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) offered fans a special thank you message after their Power TV tapings wrapped up recently. NWA Power will drop on Tuesday, October 8 at 6:05 pm ET.

Here’s what NWAVice-President David Lagana had to say:

As a child of the 80s, I grew up on Rock N Wreslting and 6:05 wreslting. It’s not lost on BIlly and I the power of this moment. #NWAPowerrr is being produced less than 500 yards from Techwood Drive. The heroes of our past are on our mind with each step we take. To have Jim Cornette, Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton there is a moment we will never forget. We are doing this to honor the thousands of memories they have created for all of us. We are honored to carry this flag of tradition and legacy of the NWA.

And that fact isn’t lost on this generation marching forward. Nick Aldis and Tim Stormhave been the heart and soul of this brand since October 2017. When no one gave us a chance, those two men believed in this crazy vision. Without them – we would not be here.

This brand has always been about characters. And Jocephus is truly one. His work you’ve seen and all the work none of you ever see is so valuable to this new era.

So many have lifted up this journey. So many have helped us. Like David Marquez and everyone at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. They are part of this family.

Our friends at Ring Of Honor became the rocket fuel to give our talents and #TenPoundsOfGold to let us hit a new stratosphere.

And that includes Cody Rhodes, Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson who opened the door for us to go ALL IN. Good luck to them on their next step today. Thank you Joe Koff and Greg Gilleland for being true professionals and men of their word in their support of Billy and I. We would not be here without you. The business is about relationships and we truly value ours.

And as we stepped out on our own it was truly scary. Overwhelming. So much has changed for me and Billy personally since October 2016…. 2017… 2018… and now 2019. We are looking forward into 2020 and beyond. That’s the power of what we are doing.

We have said #BrickByBrick because truly that’s it. Each talent who had believed and given their belief to each of us. You’re so important to the foundation of the National Wrestling Alliance. Talents working together… for a common goal… That is an Alliance.

From Billy and I… to everyone in this picture.

We are truly honored to share this journey with you.


David Lagana


National Wrestling Alliance

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