randy orton
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Randy Orton Issues A Challenge To The Rock At WrestleMania 36

Less than 24 hours away from the premiere of WWE Friday Night SmackDown on Fox, Randy Orton came outta nowhere on Twitter to raise a few eyebrows, specifically The Rock’s and hopefully some extra viewers for Friday evening.

The Viper struck the big blue birdhouse tonight to speak of how both he and The Rock, both third generation stars and both once WWE’s youngest world champions are going to be at the Staples Center on Friday for the big event. Tomorrow night wasn’t Orton’s primary target as he issued a challenge to “The People’s Champ” in his home state of Florida for WrestleMania 36 in Tampa.

@TheRock I see you will be at #SmackdownOnFox this Friday. How about you & I have a discussion about who’s the greatest 3rd generation of all time and we answer that question April 5th in Tampa At Wrestlemania 36. A vipers sense of smell is unmatched. I smell what you’re cooking

With Randy having a history of “killing legends,” The Rock is one individual that his missed The Viper’s venom. They did square off once before—a handicap match pitting Evolution against The Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection at WrestleMania XX—but this would mark the first time the two ever squared off in singles action if this dream match were to actually happen.

Orton’s Tweet comes mere hours after ratings were revealed for AEW Dynamite and NXT in which Dynamite dominated WWE’s black and gold brand with 1.409 million viewers to NXT’s 891,000, and it’s sure to get some positive chatter and build even more momentum for SmackDown’s debut on FOX tonight.

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