NWA Powerrr

10/8 NWA Powerrr Results & Watchalong – Nick Aldis vs. Tim Storm, Eli Drake vs. Caleb Konley

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NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis joins David Marquez for an interview, and Aldis talks about his nearly year-long reign as champion. He says NWA went from a punchline to a headline, but the NWA is here to stay. Aldis praises the current champions they have on the roster, and says he’s not here to do a job to Tim Storm, and challenges him to go out there and fight like a man.

The Dawsons vs. Sal Rinauro vs. Billy Buck 

A quick match here, as the Dawsons overpower their opponents, hitting an assisted hanging clothesline and a double team powerslam to win it.

Winners – The Dawsons

Post-match, The Dawsons cut a promo about being willing to fight anyone. They say they’re the guys you see and run away from, and you’re going to get very acquainted with them.

Eli Drake comes out for a promo and talks about how there’s something different in the NWA, and there’s kids running around everywhere else, but they have real men here. Drake puts over Aldis and Storm, noting how long he’s been on the road, but he’s putting the champions on notice. Drake says he’s coming for gold and he’s going to take it, and that’s just a fact of life.

Eli Drake vs. Caleb Konley

Konley gets some offense in early, slamming Drake on the mat but ends up missing an elbow drop. Drake connects with a neckbreaker off of the miscue, then connects with a knee to the head on the apron and slams him back on the mat for two. Konley floats over and cracks Drake in the head, then they trade shots before Konley kicks him in the head and hits the ropes. Drake tries to throw him outside but Konley grips the ropes and takes him out with a springboard over the ropes before kicking Drake in the jaw. Konley heads up top and dives, but Drake catches him in the face to block it, and hits the Gravy Train for the win.

Winner – Eli Drake

Jocephus runs in on the broadcast team and demands to see Tim Storm, screaming ‘Where’s Storm?!?’ on the mic. Cornette points out there’s one Storm—James Storm comes to the booth and says he’s the only Storm that Jocephus needs to worry about. Storm says it’s funny that Jocephus gets to play dress-up and pretend he’s tough, but he can’t walk a mile in his shoes. Storm talks some more trash before Jocephus has enough and they start fighting as we cut to a break.

The Wildcards vs. Danny White & Mims

Isaacs attacks White early, then Latimer tags in and slams him before Mims tags in. Latimer sends him into the corner, then Isaacs hits a clothesline off the tag before Latimer spears his opponent. Isaacs stomps him in the corner and whips him towards Latimer, who hits a pop-up powerbomb. Latimer sends him back to Isaacs, who hits a German suplex for the win.

Winners – The Wildcards

The Wildcard cut a promo about being the champions, telling the world they are two thoroughbreds and built for this. Eddie Kingston shows up, noting he’s not here to disrespect Bram—oops, Tommy Boy—and the titles look good on them. But guess what—in Eddie’s world, they don’t speak for underdogs and outlaws of the world. Latimer and Isaacs get heated and step right up to him, and Homicide joins Kingston as we cut to seeing James Storm and Jocephus continuing their fight. Storm breaks free from agents and follows Jocephus into the crowd, then they make it back into the ring but Jocephus backs away and tells Storm to put his hands behind his back. Storm obliges, but the ref rings the bell and we’re getting an official match now.

James Storm vs. Jocephus

Storm superkicks a charging Jocephus, and that’s it.

Winner – James Storm

Storm knees Jocephus in head after the bell, then connects with another Last Call superkick and makes Jocephus suck his own thumb.

Tim Storm talks about Ten Pounds Of Gold defining him as a wrestler, noting he did that title justice and reigned with style and clash for over 400 days. He says Nick Aldis is giving him one shot, and he’s doing it because there’s nothing more important than the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Storm says if you had one shot, would you reach out and grab your dream, or let it slip through your fingers? He says the truth is, under those circumstances, he can’t lose and tonight’s the night.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Nick Aldis (c) vs. Tim Storm

Storm works over Aldis in the corner and drops him with a single arm, then Aldis rolls outside for a breather. When he gets back in, Storm goes on the attack again, connecting with some strikes before they go back and forth. Storm gains the upper hand and applies a Figure Four, but Aldis makes it to the ropes to break it. Storm goes for a superplex, but Aldis fights back and sends him to the mat. He heads up top and connects with an elbow to the back, then applies a Cloverleaf as Storm claws to make it to the ropes. Aldis pulls him back in the middle of the ring and sets back, but Storm powers up and uses his arms to drag himself to the ropes to finally break the hold.

Aldis goes for a powerslam but Storm floats over and shoves him across the ring, almost hitting referee Brian Hebner. Aldis avoids the collision, but Storm lowblows him and turns to hit Perfect Storm, but somehow Aldis kicks out. They fight out on the floor after Aldis pulls Storm to the floor, then readies an attack but inadvertently hits Kamille after Storm ducks. Storm shoves him into the ring post and rolls him inside. Storm calls for a suplex, but Aldis hooks the leg and rolls Storm up to retain.

Winner – Nick Aldis

Aldis cuts a post-match promo about NWA also standing for ‘Never Without Authenticity.’ He calls Tim Storm as authentic as it gets, and he’s proud to share the ring with him. Aldis says Storm is a hell of a man, and a hell of a champion. Kamille is asked about the strike on the floor, but Aldis says she’s fine and takes exception when the announcer (Joe Galli) keeps asking her questions. Aldis says to save it for another day and leaves as the credits roll.

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