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Social Roundup: CM Punk Selling ‘CM Punk Sucks’ Merch, Alberto Invites VIP To Ortiz Fight

CM Punk Selling ‘CM Punk Sucks’ Merch

For most of the time that CM Punk has been out of WWE, he’s sold shirts from ProWrestlingTees. These include shirts calling back to his pipebomb promo as well as shirts depicting the Chicago flag. All of those pro-Punk shirts have been taken down from the site in the last 24 hours, replaced by a single shirt with a simple message.

Now, if you want to express your rage at the Straight Edge Savior for leaving wrestling behind, he’ll gladly sell you a “CM Punk Sucks” shirt for one easy payment of $19.99. While the removal of these shirts could mean that Punk is making a movement towards joining WWE Backstage as a contributor and working more openly with WWE itself, it’s likely just another mind game from the former WWE Champion.

WWE Social Media Says Goodbye To The Wild Card Rule

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With tonight’s WWE Draft, it’s time to wave goodbye to the Wild Card Rule. Introduced on the May 6th edition of Monday Night Raw by Vince McMahon, the confusing stipulation was originally implemented when Roman Reigns tried to invade RAW after being “shaken up” to SmackDown. It has led to much talk by wrestling pundits and much confusion from wrestling viewers. The WWE on FOX Twitter account is memorializing the Wild Card Rule with a small candlelight vigil. Leave the memories alone.

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Alberto Invites VIP To Ortiz Fight

As reported by TMZ Sports, Alberto El Patron has invited Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to his MMA fight against Tito Ortiz on Dec. 7, and the president has accepted. Tito Ortiz previously spoke of trying to get Donald Trump and his family to attend the bout, but their attendance is unclear. Alberto was quick to mention that in his quote to the outlet.

He invited Trump to the fight, but Trump is not coming. But, I invited the Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Mexican president IS coming for my fight.

The former WWE wrestler also accused Tito of hating Mexicans and Latinos coming into America and being ashamed of his own people.

The Rock Is A Tour Guide In The Jungle Cruise Trailer. Skipper Dwayne Is The Name

SmackDown spirit animal Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appears alongside Emily Blunt in this first full trailer for Disney’s Jungle Cruise. The Rock plays Frank, a local tour guide who agrees to take Emily upriver to investigate ancient secrets in the jungle. As the tweet says, the myth is real, which lets Dwayne flex his muscles in some action setpieces that are sure to thrill audiences next summer.

nZo Responds To Joey Janela’s ‘Room Service’ Comments

Responding to the latest edition of “Wrestlers On The Road Ordering Room Service” on the Being The Elite YouTube channel, nZo has words for AEW’s Joey Janela

You were drunk. Never laid a hand on me. EVER. Boo boo faced backstage, intimidated af, and approached me to apologize. I accepted it & now we are still talking about it? Lying about it? There’s plenty of wrestling going on. Find something else to talk about.

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