Ric Flair
Photo Credit: WWE

Ric Flair Heads To RAW This Monday, Kelly Kelly’s Where Are They Now?

Ric Flair Heads To RAW This Monday

On Twitter today, Ric Flair shared a video of his guest spot at the beginning of an MLS Playoff game featuring Atlanta United FC. He also dropped that he’ll be heading to RAW this Monday to promote his team’s match at Crown Jewel. It’s not clear if that’s an in-person appearance or if he’ll be live via Skype-like Hulk Hogan this past Friday.

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Kelly Kelly’s Where Are They Now?

In the latest edition of WWE’s ongoing YouTube series Where Are They Know?, former WWE Divas and 24/7 Champion Barbara “Kelly Kelly” Blank speaks a bit on her career in WWE, how she wanted to prove that she wasn’t just another model in wrestling and her current career as an Instagram influencer. Also, she has a new line of wines.