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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Joey Ryan Signs Multi-Year Deal With IMPACT Wrestling

Dong Style is coming to IMPACT Wrestling.

Joey Ryan is going to be seen on IMPACT programming a lot more, as SoCal Uncensored is reporting he’s signed a new multi-year contract with the company. It was also noted that Ryan accepted the deal partly because he could continue working indie dates and running his Bar Wrestling promotion, but also due to IMPACT’s progressive views on intergender wrestling.

Ryan previously worked for the company on a contract deal from 2012-2013, and has made a few sporadic appearances on the show recently, including at Melissa Santos’ bachelorette party and tonight’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Ryan also competed at IMPACT’s United We Stand in April against Tessa Blanchard as one of the featured matches on the card.

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Ryan has confirmed the report about his return to the company, offering the following comments:

It made the most sense. @IMPACTWRESTLING has been the most consistent wrestling program on TV for the past 2 years, I get to keep all of my indie dates and best of all, they let me be me.

Ryan appeared as the sixth entrant in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match tonight, hitting several wrestlers with his Penis Plex, eliminating Rohit Raju and Cousin Jake in the process. He was ultimately eliminated from the match by Madman Fulton.

Earlier this year, Ryan became a free agent after getting out of his contract with Lucha Underground and spoke about his status at Starrcast in Las Vegas. During our interview, Ryan was asked about where he might end up in the next five years. He hinted at staying independent, but said things are going to be exciting for female wrestlers and independent wrestlers in general. Ryan noted that all of the opportunities provided by the major promotions will create new openings for talent, and the indies’ need to create new stars will give wrestlers more work.

“I might just stay independent. I was in a Lucha Underground contract that wasn’t favorable and just got out, so I’m not really looking to get into another contract. The way I look at independent wrestling is there is going to be a lot of work out there, and I’ve told people this too—people that have been like ‘can you give me contacts to Cody, the Bucks, I want to try and get into AEW’—I’ve said ‘I can, but don’t be in a rush to sign anything you’re not fully happy with. When they go exclusive,” Ryan said, “there’s going to be a lot of work on the independents, especially for the girls because they signed a lot of the top girls. I just feel like there’s going to be a whole lot more work on the independents in the next five years with these exclusive deals going around. I might just ride that out because the indies are friendly to my style and I can excel there.”

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