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Backstage News On AEW’s Interest Level With CM Punk

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting some additional news about CM Punk’s journey back into the professional wrestling industry. According to The Observer, AEW began talks with CM Punk in late 2018 before the promotion was even officially announced.

Tony Khan of AEW had CM Punk on the top of the list when it came to wrestlers he wanted to sign. Khan reached out to Punk with a ‘significant offer’ and had a personal face-to-face meeting with Punk to discuss the possibility of a contract. When AEW finally became public and launched, the talks with Punk died down and only small discussions were held up through June.

CM Punk revealed that in June AEW had sent an official offer via text message, something that was upsetting and unprofessional to Punk. Shortly after this, AEW executives realized that if CM Punk was ever going to make a return to pro wrestling, it would be with WWE. Even though CM Punk has not returned to WWE at this time as he is signed with FOX, it appears that AEW’s thoughts were indeed true.

CM Punk has remained relatively silent since his return this past Tuesday. There has been no activity on his Twitter and he has not made any public comments.

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