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Tommy Dreamer Talks CM Punk’s Return, How He Must Have Felt At WrestleMania 29

On the Busted Open Podcast, Tommy Dreamer talks about CM Punk returning to WWE and guesses at his mindset around the time he was leaving. Famously, Punk was angered that he never reached the main event spot at WrestleMania, especially in his WrestleMania 29 bout with The Undertaker. “Someone said no. And if that is what means something to you, then yes, at that point in his life, he’s cool. And he’s pissed about that.”

He then tries to compare this situation to his own WrestleMania experience, which he describes as some of the “worst days” of his career.

At one point, my match was scratched to give more time to Melina and Ashley Massaro and I was like, “Are you kidding me?” And then Rob Van Dam checked out while we were going to the ring ’cause there was no Rob Van Dam or Sabu shirts, and the show was in Michigan. He was quitting the WWE as we’re walking down the steps to come to the ring, and I’m like, “Rob, please. We have to go,” because I’m trying to wrangle all these crazy people.

Tommy finishes by saying that Punk never has to talk with Vince or Triple H ever again, but he compares Punk to Bret Hart and his eventual return and reconciliation. It’s like they always say, everybody comes back. Eventually.

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