IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (12/3/19)

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Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Cage

Cage runs over Edwards. Edwards surprises Cage with an inverted atomic drop. Edwards dumps Cage to the outside. Edwards hits a ranna off the apron. Edwards lands a few cops before sending Cage back into the ring. Cage deadlift suplexes Edwards into the ring. Cage hits two backbreakers. Back suplex by Cage. Edwards reverses the Drill Claw into a brainbuster. Edwards machinegun chops Cage in the corner. Edwards hits a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. Michael Elgin slides into the ring and attacks Cage and Edwards.

No Contest

Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

Edwards and Cage double team Elgin. Elgin gets tossed outside. Edwards suicide dives into Elgin. Cage somersaults over the top rope and crushes Edwards and Elgin. Elgin German suplexes Edwards, then Cage. Elgin dives off the top to the outside, wiping out Edwards and Cage. After the break, Edwards land the Boston Knee Party followed by the Tiger Driver for a near fall on Cage. Elgin powerbombs Edwards into Cage. Elgin gets the win after the Elgin Bomb on Edwards.

Winner- Michael Elgin

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