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Jessika Carr Talks Her Journey To Becoming A SmackDown Referee

Lacey Evans
Photo Credit: WWE

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, WWE referee Jessika Carr opened up about the journey she’s taken from waitress, to Team 3D Academy, to NXT, to become a SmackDown referee.

Here are some highlights.

Jessika Carr On Her Impact On Young Women:

“For a woman to be in a position of authority, to be powerful and have a voice, it means so much to me to represent that culture and for others to see it,” said Carr. “That’s the role model I needed when I was younger. Now, I can deliver that message.

“Women should be seen as strong and independent,” said Carr. “For me, the goal is to make this a seamless transition. It’s an important step for the women’s evolution and ‘Revolution.’”

Jessika Carr On The Support Of Her Family & Friends:

“I owe so much to Dan, Bubba, and Devon for where I am today. I walked into my WWE tryout in February of 2017 prepared and in the best shape of my life.

“I feel ready, but it’s definitely scary. It’s intimidating to walk into a new locker room with people I’ve never worked with before, and there is a lot of trust to be gained and feeling out. I’m ready for that challenge.”

Jessika Carr Talks Her Work Ethic:

“My goal is to hit a home run with whatever I’ve given. I want this company to trust me with whatever they give me, and I don’t care where that match is on the card. Of course, I have high aspirations of main events at pay-per-views and WrestleMania, but I’m here to deliver every single time I step out there—and not just be the best female official, but to be the best official I can be.”

Read the full interview here.