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Photo Credit: WWE

‘Fun House’ Bray Wyatt To Face Miz At TLC In Non-Title Match

It seems that WWE has deemed Friday as the point where they should begin to announce matches for TLC next Sunday. Among the additions to the card was an expected twist, with Bray Wyatt taking on The Miz. What wasn’t expected was that Bray wouldn’t be defending his title and that The Fiend would be skipping the night. Several sources are reporting that Miz will face the previously unseen in an arena “Fun House” version of Bray Wyatt in a non-title encounter.

The wheels for this match were put in motion during the show, where Bray attacked Miz in a black room as he starred at an altered photo of his family. While Bray has appeared in past incarnations in an otherworldly black room, we’ve never seen Bray in a sweater vest outside of the Firefly Fun House set.

This turn of events would seem to invalidate many theories floating around regarding the Firefly Fun House being some sort of make-believe place in Bray’s mind, although that was also broken by Seth Rollins burning the set down several months back.

WWE also announced New Day vs. The Revival for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships after Dawson and Wilder one a Fatal Four Way tag team match during the show.

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