Io Shirai
Photo Credit: Alex Santa Maria

Poppy And Io Shirai Discuss Poppy’s Relationship With NXT, Xavier Woods Is Unsure Of When He’ll Return

Poppy And Io Shirai Discuss Poppy’s Relationship With NXT

In recent months, singer/songwriter Poppy has formed a notable relationship with NXT. She performed Io Shirai’s theme song, “Scary Mask,” live at Full Sail University on the October 30 edition of NXT and several of her songs have been used for NXT TakeOver events. In an interview with Revolver Magazine, Poppy and Shirai discussed Shirai’s theme song and Poppy’s connection to NXT. Poppy discussed her WWE fandom and said she was already familiar with Shirai and NXT before they collaborated. “I have been a fan of pro wrestling ever since I was a small Poppy,” said Poppy via the Revolver staff. “I used to own a few of the figures and the WWE-themed ring. I love the intensity of it and the theatrics.” Poppy named Shirai, Triple H and Ken Shamrock as some of her favorite wrestlers. Shirai also talked about what “Scary Mask” means to her. “I like to think there is a ‘good Io’ and an ‘evil Io.’ ‘Scary Mask’ is when evil Io comes out,” said Shirai via the Revolver staff.

Xavier Woods Is Unsure Of When He’ll Return

It seems like the New Day will be a two-man band on WWE TV for the foreseeable future. The third member of the group, Xavier Woods, is currently out with an Achilles tear and he doesn’t know when he’ll return to the ring. In an interview with Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports, Woods discussed the difficulty of determining a return date with Achilles tears. “There’s no real time frame on when I’ll be back, because Achilles tears are so different,” said Woods via Carroll. “It could be five months, it could be nine months. There’s a lot of wiggle room in there.” In the extensive interview, Woods also talks about the New Day, their podcast, NXT, UpUpDownDown and more.

Though he won’t be able to compete in the ring, Woods will still be quite busy. The New Day just launched a podcast, “The New Day: Feel The Power,” and Woods is well-known for his UpUpDownDown YouTube channel.

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