Disco Inferno
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Chris Jericho Defends Long-Time Colleague Disco Inferno

Chris Jericho respects his roots and some of The Painmaker’s stem from those classic late 90s WCW days.

Jericho was quicker than a Judas Effect to jump to the defense of his one colleague and friend Glenn Gilbertti after a user on Twitter went to disparage the man we all know as Disco Inferno. One of the top NXT talents in Mia Yim has had her differences with Gilbertti after he shared a Tweet of a GIF that featured a missed spot by Bea Priestley and Mayu Itwani and the fan went to chime in on their conversation.

“People will pay to see [Mia Yim],” Tweeted and tagged the fan. “No one has ever paid a dime to see [Disco Inferno]…….ever! He’s a joke and embarrassment to wrestling. Thats why you never held a title for anyone. Ever. How you ever got a job with any promotion is beyond comprehension.”

That was much to Jericho’s chagrin who had the following to say regarding Disco’s ring work and star power:

Totally not true jerkoff. [Disco Inferno] was great at what he did and I LOVED working with him. So shut your ass and eff off.”

Gilbertti has been outspoken with his views on women’s wrestling on social media and earlier this year, IMPACT played up an angle that focused on Inferno being in the heel role as someone who showed his distaste for such. He won the 10-Knockout Battle Royal to garner heat and then to further the storyline he eventually faced Ashley Vox in a singles match, which played up an eventual confrontation between he and top star, Tessa Blanchard.

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