Becky Lynch
Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

The Kabuki Warriors Put Becky Lynch Through A Table, Challenge Lynch And Flair To A Match At WWE TLC

This week on WWE Monday Night RAW, WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch continued her rivalry with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, the Kabuki Warriors. The Man took on Asuka and Kairi Sane in a handicap match a week after the duo beat Charlotte Flair in a handicap match. Lynch took the fight to Asuka early on but the Kabuki Warriors gained control. Asuka and Sane grounded the Man for a few minutes. Lynch rallied and gain momentum. The Man suplexed Sane but Asuka distracted her but Lynch kept fighting. Lynch escaped the Asuka Lock and briefly put Asuka in the submission hold.

Asuka rocked Lynch with a knee to the head and got a near fall after a shining wizard. Lynch blocked the Insane Elbow and Asuka saved Sane from the Disarm-Her. Asuka hit Lynch with a chair and got disqualified. The Kabuki Warriors put Lynch on a table and Sane hit the Insane Elbow through it. Backstage, after the match, the Kabuki Warriors attacked Charlotte Flair with chairs. The champions then challenged Flair and Lynch to a match at WWE TLC. Flair and Lynch accepted the challenge and made it a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

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