ROH Final Battle

ROH Final Battle Results (12/13/19)


ROH Final Battle Results 

December 13, 2019

Report by Colin Tessier for

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Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry vs. 2 Guys, 1 Tag (Josh Woods & Silas Young)

Commentators Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana discuss the recent success of Woods & Young. They also bring up the complicated relationship between Hendry & Castle. Some trash talk gets Woods fired up. Hendry and Young start things off with some classic holds as they feel each other out. Woods and Castle tag in and showcase their amateur wrestling backgrounds. Young tags himself in and eats a clothesline. Castle and Hendry double-team Young. A stiff kick from Woods rocks Castle. Young and Woods isolate Castle and control the match. A suplex from Castle gives him some room. Hendry tags in and clears house. Hendry hits a fallaway slam on both Woods and Young. An Anarchist suplex drops Castle. The match breaks down into chaos. Young slingshots Castle into a jumping knee from Woods for the win.

Winners: 2 Guys, 1 Tag (Josh Woods & Silas Young)

The Bouncers sit at ringside, enjoying some beverages, and don’t seem impressed.

Colin: Huge win for 2 Guys, 1 Tag. What a moment for Woods; he just pinned a former world champion. Woods & Young are rapidly climbing the ladder in the tag team division. Didn’t see that one coming! Hopefully this won’t mean the end of Hendry’s alliance with Castle…yet.

Riccaboni, Cabana and Caprice Coleman preview the card.

Backstage, Brian Zane says he’s been looking for the Allure. He finds them and says, “it’s high school all over again” and he’s “gonna shot his shot.” Love says she’s not afraid of Maria Manic and tells Zane to stop wasting her time.

Alex Shelley comes to the stage and compares Ring of Honor to a classroom. He says sometimes the best students become teachers and names Jay Lethal and the Briscoes as examples. Shelley says he’s never faced Colt Cabana in a singles match but he wants to change that. He challenges Cabana, who says he was disappointed to learn he’s not on the card. He says he’s a professional wrestler and calls Shelley one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time. Cabana accepts the challenge for later in the show.

A video package recaps the feud between Kenny King and Rhett Titus.

Kenny King (with Amy Rose) vs. Rhett Titus

King enters with the All Night Express’ old theme song. Riccaboni recaps King’s successful 2019. The former partners don’t shake hands. The animosity between them is evident; they talk trash and pack intensity into every move. They exchange counters. King gains the upper hand and talks trash to Titus’ wife. Titus hits a dive to the outside and takes a moment to show some love for his son at ringside. King hits a spinebuster onto the apron. A nasty spinebuster into the turnbuckle floors Titus. King grounds Titus in a camel clutch but Titus escapes. A stiff right hand and a clothesline give Titus some momentum. A diving crossbody gets him a near fall. Another spinebuster from King plants Titus. Titus hits King’s Royal Flush for a near fall.

Two running boots in the corner rock King but Rose distracts Titus. A low blow and the Royal Flush earn King the win.

Winner: Kenny King

King trash talks Titus’ wife after the match.

Colin: Pretty good match from two guys who have a long history together. But does it make sense to have King, a guy who challenged for the Ring of Honor World Title earlier this year, struggle to beat a guy who hasn’t done much in 2019? King’s cheating could set up a rematch, even though this feud has been stretched out for a few months as it is.

A commercial for the show hypes up the main card.

In the arena, Brian Zane interviews the Bouncers (who are sitting at ringside.) They go for the cheap pop by referencing the Baltimore Ravens. Zane asks them to pick a winner in the main event and they disagree about it. The Bouncers argue about it and head to the back.

Dan Maff vs. Jeff Cobb

Maff rocks Cobb with some stiff strikes but Cobb suplexes the big man. A standing moonsault gets him a one count. The olympian gives Maff some stiff chops but Maff floors him with a shoulder tackle and a cannonball. Cobb dodges a second one and deadlift suplexes Maff. Maff reverses Tour of the Islands and both men trade superkicks. A thunderous clothesline floors Maff. Cobb and Maff have a chilling stare down before they exchange blows. A suplex plants Maff and Cobb hits him with a series of strikes. A running European uppercut rocks Maff but a spear nearly cuts Cobb in half. A ripcord clothesline gets Maff a near fall. Cobb reverses the Burning Hammer and suplexes Maff into the corner. Cobb reverses the Burning Hammer and nails Tour of the Islands before hitting again for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

After the match, Maff and Cobb shake hands and exchange a stiff chop for fun.

Colin: Cobb has fallen far since he lost to Matt Taven earlier this year, so 2019 hasn’t been kind to Cobb in Ring of Honor. But this was a hard-hitting match that was fun to watch. 

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