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Catalina Doesn’t Remember Carolina On RAW, Brock Lesnar Recalls The F5’s Origins (Video)

Catalina Doesn’t Remember Carolina On RAW

New NXT recruit Catlania Garcia recently made her NXT debut, but not after a brief detour you might remember. Weeks back, the now-released Sin Cara had a masked partner that went by the name of Carolina. When asked about the mysterious wrestler in a Performance Center video, Catalina confirms that she has no memory of those matches. Probably for the best, as the now unmasked Catalina looks to tear it up in NXT’s women’s division.

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Brock Lesnar Talks F5 Origins

In this brief clip from WWE Confidential, we see a young Brock Lesnar reflect on the origins of his F5 finisher. This is from before John Cena modeled his finisher after The Beast’s move, and showcases a much different Lesnar than we’re used to.