WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Spoilers (12/23/19): A Special Christmas RAW

Due to not having a live event next week, WWE is taping two episodes of WWE RAW tonight. The second episode from Des Moines, Iowa, will air on Dec. 23.

Check out our WWE RAW spoilers below:

  • They decorate the set with Christmas trees.
  • Kevin Owens opens the show to cut a promo and is interrupted by … Mojo Rawley, who wants an apology after last week. They’ll have a No DQ match to settle their differences.
  • Owens begins the match by throwing four chairs into the ring and the crowd chants for a table, so he brings one of those in for good measure. Mojo gets some offense in, throws Kevin off the top rope through four chairs. Owens recovers, stuns Rawley, and then power bombs him through a table for the pin.
  • After the match, Kevin Owens calls out Seth Rollins. He comes out with Authors of Pain. Seth pretends to call a truce, Owens attacks anyway. It ends with AOP beating Owens down and Rollins hitting a Curb Stomp. Owens leaves the ring acting as if he’s been concussed and knocks over a tree on his way out.
  • Bobby Lashley comes out and he has a match with Cedric Alexander. There are plenty of “Rusev Day” and “CM Punk” chants. Alexander gains control of the match and then Lana gets on the mic. She says that Lashley and her are getting married next week on RAW. Crowd is booing Lana and she has “Vickie Guerrero heat.” The match resumes and there are more “Rusev Day” and “We Want Santa” chants. Lashley eventually wins with a spear.
  • Zack Ryder takes on Drew McIntyre. McIntyre dominates and wins with a Claymore Kick after a few minutes. Hawkins goes to check on Ryder, gets tossed outside. Drew dominates both then gets on the mic and cuts a “pretty funny” promo.
  • Becky Lynch comes out and demands a match with Asuka. Asuka comes out and says “Asuka Two Belts,” and then Becky responds in Japanese.
  • Aleister Black quickly defeats a jobber with three kicks, the last of which was a Black Mass. Buddy Murphy stops Black as he’s coming back, but they just pass each other. Murphy then beats a jobber with two kicks, the second of which was a Black Mass. Black & Murphy stare each other down and Murphy walks away only to get kicked in the head by Black.
  • Tony Nese comes out to face Ricochet and the “Real-Life Superhero” wins after a few minutes of action.
  • Charlotte Flair comes out to face Chelsea Green. Crowd starts chanting “Let’s go Chelsea!” Flair winds up winning with a Figure Eight.
  • Randy Orton comes out for a six-man tag and his knee is taped up. He’s teaming up with the Viking Raiders against The OC. A lot of people are leaving the arena. Crowd is dead initially but they start chanting “We want Randy,” he gets tagged in and starts raking eyes and wrestling like a heel. The “Good Brothers” are working him over and the crowd starts chanting “Let’s go OC!” Styles hits Orton with the Phenomenal Forearm for the win.
  • Rowan faces a jobber that goes for the cage. Rowan quickly wins after after hitting two Iron Claw Slams.
  • Rusev comes out and the crowd breaks out of its lull. They start chanting “Rusev Day!” He cuts a promo about Lashley and Lana and says that “even Lana’s wedding day will be Rusev Day!” No Way Jose then comes out for a match and quickly loses. One of the conga line members is local wrestler James Jeffries. After Rusev wins, he parties with the conga line.
  • Rey Mysterio then comes out to face Seth Rollins in the main event. The Authors of Pain are ringside, and there are “several attempts at crowd chants but five drunk guys in the front row just isn’t enough anymore.” Rey misses a 619 attempt and Rollins throws him outside where AOP stare him down menacingly. The match is said to be very slow akin to a “Randy Orton match.” Authors of Pain wind up interfering after Mysterio goes to the top rope and the match ends in a DQ. They beat him down and carry Rey to the top of the ramp. Fans are chanting “We want Kevin” while others leave the building. They clear off the announcer’s table and people start chanting for Samoa Joe. Joe takes off his headset and confronts Rollins, who walks away. AOP then beat down Joe. Crowd starts chanting for Owens again, but he doesn’t come out. AOP slam Joe through the announcer’s table. Mysterio is still laying at the top of the ramp while AOP stand tall over Joe in what is likely the closing shot.
  • After RAW has ended, Joe gets up and starts throwing a tantrum. Crowd chants him and then Rey gets up to cheers.

A big thanks to friend of the site J.R. Oliver for the results!