Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

WZ Roundup: Attend a New Day Holiday Party, The People’s Origins Revealed

(Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

The WZ Roundup returns for a Festivus edition filled with wrestling-related tweets and references to ’90s sitcoms. Let’s rumble our way to the first tweet, which features a sampler of the UpUpDownDown holiday content du jour. Xavier is hosting his New Day counterparts alongside Cesaro and Bayley in a holiday match of Mario Party on the Wii. Motion controls ahoy!

Speaking of the New Day, on their recent holiday podcast, Xavier Woods defends being placed in holiday matches. He says they’re the most memorable part of many episodes, and that talent should be appreciative of the opportunity to be memorable.

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On the opposite end of the holiday spectrum, AEW’s favorite Grinch is once again angry at the company’s Twitter for spreading propaganda against him. Quite the face on those two in the drawing…

Speaking of MJF, NERDS Clothing has announced a special line of merch crossing over with the wrestler. It’s seemingly a strange collaboration, but I’m sure Maxwell can make it work on the mic.

WWE Network has plenty of past holiday moments to dredge up this time of year, but none have more fond memories attached than the time Stone Cold gave Ol’ Saint Nick a stunner for Christmas. Ho Ho Hell Yeah indeed.

The holidays are also a time for friends to gather and swap stories, which is exactly what Table For 3 is all about. In this clip, D’Lo Brown talks with Mark Henry and The Godfather about where the idea of the People’s Elbow came from. “The People’s Elbow is a famous move, right? It started out as an accident.”

Ending off this roundup, here’s Ric Flair falling down while attempting to ski. Snow is a holiday thing, but that’s about as far as the tie-in goes. Enjoy!

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