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Photo Credit: WWE

Bray Wyatt ‘Unboxes’ A Fiend Funko, D’Lo Brown Explains His Head Shake

Bray Wyatt “Unboxes” A Fiend Funko

Bray Wyatt’s latest episode of the Firefly Fun House is a notification to all his fans that Amazon has an exclusive Fiend Funko Pop on offer for the holiday season. While the video is labeled as an unboxing, Bray fails to let the plastic clown out of his plastic prison, which seems like a pretty big failure for the video overall.

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D’Lo Brown Explains His Head Shake

In a preview clip for Table For 3, D’Lo Brown explains exactly where his signature taunt came from. He tells Mark Henry and The Godfather that, at the time, he wasn’t worried about how it looked, he was worried about cursing on national television.