WWE Raw Results

WWE RAW Results (12/30/19)


Dec 30, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Kevin Owens

Owens says they are going to kick off the new year with fireworks because of what happened last week. Owens throws to a video of the carnage Rollins and AOP caused last week. Owens has called Rollins and AOP every week and he has gotten his ass beat. Owens is going to keep calling them out until he takes at least one of them down with him. Owens was sick to see what Rollins and AOP did to Rey Mysterio last week. Owens thinks that is the reason Andrade defeated Mysterio for the United States Championship. Rollins and AOP interrupt. Rollins says Owens doesn’t get it. Rollins is making a sacrifice to take this industry into the next decade. Owens has given Rollins no choice but to enforce his will. If Owens doesn’t comply, AOP will enforce Rollins’ will on Owens. Owens runs out of the ring and attacks Rollins and AOP. AOP quickly overpower Owens. Samoa Joe runs down to the ring. Joe boots Akam in the face and elbows Rezar in the head. Joe puts Rollins in the Coquina Clutch. Akam and Rezar attack Joe from behind. Owens gets in the ring with a chair. Security hits the ring to break up the fight. Owens dives off the top rope out of the ring to flatten everyone.

Backstage, Joe and Owens are talking. Charly asks Joe why he chose to get involved tonight. Joe says Owens will never be alone again. Rollins will never be safe again. Security walks in. Owens and Joe are being asked to leave the building. Joe tells security if any of them touch him, they will never feel with their fingers again.

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