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NWA Powerrr Episode 12 Results & Video – Aldis Is Strictly Business

NWA Powerrr had a special Wednesday airing because of the holidays, and we’re here with all the action that went down in Episode 12. Here’s the official description from the National Wrestling Alliance.

NWA Powerrr returns with Episode 12 featuring Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis in The NWA TV Title Tournament. The story of Nick Aldis vs. Tim Storm goes back to the very first match under the new era of the National Wrestling Alliance in November of 2017. Since that moment, the wrestling careers of these two NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champions have circled each other including facing each other on the very first episode of NWA Power. Now, after the actions of Nick Aldis after the appearance of Marty Scurll has caused everyone to look harder at this situation. The NWA TV Title Tournament Qualifying match has brought these two men together again.

Also on this episode, NWA National Champion Aron Stevens has a special submission exhibition where he shows off the skills he’s learned from the Question Mark in Mongrovian Karate. Is there anyone who can escape Aron “Shooter” Stevens.

Plus this episode of NWA Powerrr features Marti Belle vs. Tasha Steelz and find out which match will be next in the NWA TV Title Tournament that takes place on January 24th on PPV.

Here are the results along with a handy embed of the episode for your viewing pleasure.

  • We begin with a recap video showcasing NWA champion Nick Aldis, Kamille and The Wild Cards joining forces and turning their back on Tim Storm. Nick states that all his actions throughout the Powerrr era have been “part of the plan,” while Storm espouses on the work ethic he got from his mother. This sets up a match between the two combatants in the TV Title tournament.
  • Tim Storm cuts a live promo, calling his match against Aldis a “Christmas gift and a New Year’s gift rolled into one.” Tim says that he’ll once again pursue the world title and kick Aldis’ a$$ for what his group did to him.
  • This brings out Nick, who tells Tim that he’s relaxed, calm and dangerous when compared to a “fired-up” Tim. He says that he entered the tournament for fun, and that he might as well have two belts because of how dominant he’s been. He calls Tim a “Randy the Ram” and warns him that it will only get worse if he doesn’t change his ways.

  • Next, NWA National Champion Aaron Stevens and The Question Mark are backstage, with Stevens doing the talking per usual. He says that Question Mark’s Spike finisher can be performed from anywhere and espouses about his sensei’s karate skills. Stevens says that he and Question Marks have their sights set on all the belts in NWA.
  • This transitions into a “Submission Exhibition” between Aaron “Shooter” Stevens and Sal Rinauro. Stevens tries to keep things at a slow pace, while Sal takes advantage of his speed to overwhelm his opponent. Stevens comes out on top with the Mongrovian Clutch and refused to release the hold until Trevor Murdoch ran in for the save.

  • Murdoch and Stevens have a verbal battle after the exhibition. Shooter challenges Trevor to put up his spot in the NWA TV Title tournament on the line. Murdoch is happy to oblige, and the match is set. Thankfully, Trevor outbrawls Shooter and submits him using the Indian Deathlock, keeping his title hopes alive.
  • Eli Drake circles around the podium before settling in to reveal his plans for the New Year. He talks about looking for competition and says that Ken Anderson isn’t worth his time. Colt Cabana comes out hoping to convince Drake to end his beef with Ken. Drake asks Colt if he’s volunteering to partner up with Drake, and Colt says he’s sticking with Ken. Colt reminds Drake that only Colt can claim to be a former champion.

  • Melina comes to the ring with Marti Belle for her match with Tasha Steelz. An even back and forth throughout the bout, with Tasha looking strong against the more experienced Belle. After several near falls, Tasha gets her first victory in NWA with a neckbreaker with theatrics. After the match, Melina marches into the ring and berates Marti for her loss.
  • In your main event, Tim Storm is scheduled to take on Nick Aldis in the first round of the TV Title Tournament. Nick comes out with his entire entourage, stating that he’s not dressed to compete. Nick says that the tournament isn’t fun because of Tim Storm’s action, and names his new faction Strictly Business. Tim calls Nick a coward for not competing, which spurs Aldis to send Royce Isaacs into the ring in his place.
  • Royce and Storm lock up, with Storm coming out like a ball of fire against Royce. His opponent eventually gets in some offense, but Tim is clearly at an advantage, pinning Isaacs with the Perfect Storm and progressing in the tournament.

That about does it for another week! You can check out the full episode in the video below and tune in next week on the normal Tuesday timeslot for more NWA Powerrr.

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