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Triple H Talks NXT Loud, Capturing The Vibe Of Hard Rock Festivals

Talking with Loudwire, Triple H expands on his passion for hard rock and metal and how he feels he’s contributed to the resurgence of the genre. Trips says that even during the gameshow days, he loved the name NXT and felt that it fit perfectly for what he was trying to develop. He’s trying to build the future, and that includes musicians in his mind.

For more inspiration, he saw the underground scene happening at hard rock and metal festivals, and he’s tried to bring that excitement to his brand. Talking about the formation of “NXT Loud,” Triple H says that he loves how many opportunities he has given new artists, saying that rock and metal doesn’t generally show up in the mainstream in the current moment. “NXT is the metal version of The Tonight Show.” He also states how cool it has been to pair wrestlers with the perfect artists and watch their entrances take shape. That goes for Allister Black and his walkout to alive Code Orange performance most recently.

Another connection he’s made is between Poppy and the new darker version of Io Shirai. “This sweet syrupy pop tune that blows up into this ultra-aggressive, violent song. It just fit perfect with the Io thing.” Triple H said that Poppy’s USA performance only happened because of a fortunate circumstance. Poppy was on her way out of the country, but she had enough time to stop by Full Sail and escort Io out to the ring.

For more from The Game about how Metal and NXT collide, check out the full interview on Loudwire’s YouTube channel:

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