tessa blanchard
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tessa Blanchard Issues Statement On Racism Accusations: ‘I Absolutely Did Not Use That Word’

Tessa Blanchard has had a huge month, becoming the first woman to hold a wrestling promotion’s top heavyweight championship after winning in the main event of Impact’s Hard to Kill. Unfortunately, Blanchard’s supposed past actions have put a damper on that achievement. The day before she was to win the title, several wrestlers on Twitter claimed that she spewed racist remarks and spit in La Rosa Negra’s face in Japan several years ago.

Tessa alluded to the incident in her post-match speech after the cameras were off at Hard to Kill, and she’s now come back with a full statement posted to Twitter. In it, Tessa denies the accusations, saying that she “absolutely did not use that word.” She also states that racism and the word in question are “not in [her] heart,” that “racism is an awful part of American history,” and that she wants to use her platform to “support the fight against racism, however [she] can.”


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