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Roman Reigns Explains His ‘Little Crash Mat’, Sammy Guevara Vlogs With Luke Harper

Roman Reigns Explains His ‘Little Crash Mat’

Social media is a funny thing. Earlier today, someone thought it’d be funny to comment on Roman Reigns’ newest addition to his entrance, a rubber pad that protects his fist from getting hurt when he makes his entrance.

A second person then tagged the Big Dog and demanded an explanation other than the obvious. Later still, Roman Reigns himself tweeted back and stated the obvious, comparing doing his signature taunt without protection to “head butting a door before [a] match.”

Perhaps Reigns has learned from Randy Orton’s experience with fist-related taunting and the injuries they can sometimes produce.

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Sammy Guevara Vlogs With Luke Harper

The Inner Circle’s most tech-savvy member runs a regular YouTube vlog that’s well worth paying attention too if you’re a fan of his flashes of brilliance on the mic on AEW Dynamite. This week, he happened to be attending a meet and greet alongside Jonathan Huber, who is more commonly known as former WWE Superstar Luke Harper.

Does this mean that Harper is going to AEW? Probably not. Still, it is a fun video, and it’s good to see Luke keeping busy while his non-compete clause ticks down.