WrestleZone Daily Podcast: Royal Yumble Charity Shirt Is Out!

Well, it’s Royal Rumble week and the Chris Jericho Rock ‘n Rager at sea is about to set sail so let’s dive into the latest wrestling chat with WrestleZone Daily LIVE in the link below. Plus we just launch our charity t-shirt for this Sunday afternoon’s Fast Food Royal Yumble which will feature all of your fast-food mascots in one big deep fried fracas before the real Rumble. Get the shirt here for $13 for the next two days here. All proceeds will benefit the Central Fire Authority of Victoria, Australia as they battle the devastating bush fires that have plagued the country. 

  • FAST FOOD ROYAL YUMBLE: All of the fast food mascots in one video game ring this Sunday, January 26th at 2pm CST / 3pm EST on WrestleZone.com and Facebook Live.