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A Decade Of Royal Rumble Winners, R-Truth Loves His ‘Fugly’ 24/7 Championship

A Decade Of Royal Rumble Winners

WWE has put together a Supercut of every Royal Rumble match-winner in the last decade for your enjoyment. From Edge’s surprise return back in 2010 all the way to last year’s shocking victory by Becky Lynch, it’s a great trip down memory lane and/or a great way for new fans to get a whole bunch of spoilers in all at once.

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R-Truth Loves His ‘Fugly’ 24/7 Championship

Appearing on WWE After The Bell, seemingly eternal but not current WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth talked about the initial reaction from the WWE Universe to the green and gold belt. While many called the belt “fugly” (among many other words), Truth says that he loves his baby. Truth also talks about an interview he had with Eddie Murphy that had Wesley Snipes eyeing the gold. Perhaps Truth can bring in Blade himself to get his title back from current champion Mojo Rawley?