Kelly Kelly
Photo Credit: WWE

Santina Marella and Kelly Kelly Comment On Surprise Rumble Appearances

As is tradition, both the men’s and women’s Royal Rumbles were full of surprise entrants from NXT and WWE’s storied past. One superstar that many weren’t thrilled to see was Santina Marella, the “sister” of WWE comedy act Santino Marella. When interviewed backstage, the one and only Miss WrestleMania said that the WWE Universe’s reaction made her “feel beautiful.” When threatened with the possibility of future Santina appearances, even she seemed surprised by the prospect but said she was willing if it came to that.

Another appearance from the days of Divas was Barbie Blank herself, Kelly Kelly. She was thrilled to be mixing it up with so many wrestlers that she hadn’t tangled with before. Kelly last appeared on the RAW Reunion show, becoming the first female WWE 24/7 Champion for a brief time.

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