NWA Powerrr

NWA Powerrr Episode 16 Results & Video – Hard Times Fallout

Follow along with our live coverage of the show and watch the episode at the bottom of the page.

Starting at 6:05 p.m. ET, the 16th episode of NWA Powerrr (yes, with three Rs) will premiere. It’s set to feature the following:

  • On this episode of NWA Power, Nick Aldis has called Marty Scurll to appear in a sit-down scene you won’t believe.
  • Appearances by Ricky Starks, Thunder Rosa, and James Storm & Eli Drake.
  • The debut of the legendary announcer Sean Mooney.
  • Plus Royce Isaacs with May Valentine in action.

We’ll have live results as it airs in this post.

NWA Powerrr Episode 16 Results:

  • Nick Aldis cuts a promo saying that he calls the shots. Says that a private meeting they filmed will air tonight.
  • Royce Isaacs with May Valentine def. Andre Guhn.
  • Ricky Starks def. Zicky Dice to retain TV title.
  • Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch announced for next week.
  • Aldis shows up for meeting with Scurll late. Tells him that they’ve been friends since they were teenagers and that many people play the nice guy but they’re fake. Aldis thought Scurll was different and supported him as a result. Aldis thought he deserved an opportunity at the title the first time but that should have been the end of it. He doesn’t understand why Scurll is aiming for his belt when he’s in Ring of Honor and signed a life-changing deal. Scurll says that his whole career has been “you should’ve been champion,” and wants to change perception. Scurll has never been a world champion and he was so close to beating Aldis last year at the Crockett Cup. They agree to main event Crockett Cup 2020 with a rematch.

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