Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

NWA Announces 2020 Crockett Cup, Aldis vs. Scurll Likely Main Event

NWA Announces 2020 Crockett Cup

The 2020 NWA Crockett Cup has been announced, and according to the company, it’s currently set to take place in April. Fans looking to get more information on the upcoming event can sign up at the following link to get more information on when tickets for the pay-per-view will go on sale.

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Aldis vs. Scurll Likely Main Event

Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll will once again be taking each other on at the upcoming NWA Crockett Cup in April, but this time, there will be some big stipulations. During a back-and-forth between the two, Aldis and Scurll agreed to the match, with Aldis saying that if Scurll doesn’t win, he’ll have to refund every person’s ticket.