Photo Credit: WWE

Roman Reigns Reacts To The Death Of Kobe Bryant

The world is currently still reeling from the tragic and sudden loss of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, as well as seven other people who died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. Catching up with WWE superstar Roman Reigns, the Los Angeles Times asked Reigns about the moment he found out about Bryant’s death, and his reaction.

“I actually found out at Minute Maid Park,” he said. “Right before the Rumble, Triple H received a text message and he showed it to me, and I just didn’t believe it, to be honest.” Reigns went on to say how much of a Lakers fan he is, and how he has always respected Bryant. Reigns then said that he was surprised at how much the loss affected Reigns, considering Bryant was almost a stranger to him. “He didn’t know me and I didn’t truly know him, but I didn’t realize it would affect me so much, on top of the Rumble being an emotional roller coaster in its own right, it really just saddened me and broke my heart.”

Reigns offered his condolences to the Bryant family, along to the families of everyone affected in the crash. He then talked about how after flying home following the Royal Rumble, he went into his daughter’s room to hug her, and shed some tears. He closed his message by noting that it’s important to let everyone know you love them, and hold little to no negativity in your heart.

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