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Mauro Ranallo Thanks Corey Graves, Says He Will Never Return To Social Media

Speaking with TSN T040 in Vancouver, Mauro Ranallo spoke for the first time about his disconnect from social media after the unfortunate tweets by Corey Graves that were aimed his way. Far from upset about the situation, Mauro thanks his fellow announcer for being the final straw in such sites. He calls the comments a “blessing in disguise” and says that Corey has the right to judge his performance at his job.

“I publicly thank Corey Graves because he was the straw that broke the proverbial back in terms of my social media activity and I will say here and now, I have deactivated all of my social media since November” He further encourages other with mental health issues to do the same, calling social media “dangerous” to such individuals.

I know in the media and our everyday lives now people are being hired and fired by their social media followings or the amount of information they post or how popular they are. I think it’s a disease, so out of that situation with my colleague I am no longer on social media, I will never get back on social media.

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