Session Moth Martina To ROH: Get Ready For The Biggest, Baddest Party To Ever Come Stateside

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Session Moth Martina will be making her Ring of Honor debut at ROH Free Enterprise on February 9. She will make her debut against Sumie Sakai, and could not be more excited to bring her brand of partying to the United States of America.

Speaking exclusively with Ring of Honor’s website, Martina divulged her thoughts on this upcoming match with Sumie in addition to an upcoming bout with Angelina Love.

“I am so excited to wrestle Sumie,” she began. “he looks like she knows how to handle a beer or two, so maybe it’s just going to turn into a full-blown party and we all leave happy. As for Angelina, that girl thinks she’s so hot, but she clearly hasn’t seen me yet. Doesn’t she know everyone fancies Martina? She definitely will by the time I get to her.”

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Continuing on, Martina would really show her passion for a good beer, while also saying that with her around it will be like a nonstop party in ROH.

“The best way to describe myself is the party that never ends,” she continued. “I don’t really care about anything else other than that. No one takes away my party time, and if they try, that’s when I get vicious.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.