Xavier Woods
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Xavier Woods Taking A Leave Of Absence From Social Media, WWE Participates In The Broom Challenge

Xavier Woods Taking A Leave Of Absence From Social Media

No matter how long or short, taking a break from social media is a great way to re-calibrate with reality and Xavier Woods will be doing just that.

Woods went on Twitter to explain that him being on the shelf as far as squared circle action goes has really been weighing on the New Day member and has decided a breather from the Tweets and Insta’s is needed for his betterment.

“I’ve been doing a million and one things since I got hurt in order to stay ahead of my feelings. Unfortunately today i woke up with the intense emotion of how much I miss being able to wrestle. Its really messing with me so I’m gonna be off socials for a little bit,” Tweeted Woods.

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WWE Participates In The Broom Challenge

Post-RAW last night, talents like Drew McIntyre, Zelina Vega, R-Truth & Sarah Logan all take their turn at making worlds spin by doing the viral broom challenge that’s been floating around social media (SPOILER: Drew shows exactly why he’s the number one contender for the WWE Title).

See R-Truth, Drew McIntyre, Sarah Logan, Zelina Vega and Sarah Schreiber participate in the #BROOMCHALLENGE.