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Lio Rush On Returning To The Ring: ‘I Lost Sight Of’ My WWE Goals

Lio Rush spoke with TV Insider about his return to NXT after a tumultuous set of circumstances that booted him off of the RAW roster. In 2019, Rush was known as Bobby Lashley’s hype man, and he says that it was a year full of ups and downs. “I feel like last year I kind of lost sight of that, I lost sight of why I wanted to be in WWE in the first place. I tried to control a lot of things that weren’t in my control.”

Now on Wednesday nights, Lio competes for the Cruiserweight Title, including a match against Jordan Devlin this past Wednesday. He says it’s an incredible time to be involved in the yellow and gold brand. “When I got the call from Triple H to be in NXT again, I was a little surprised. At the same time, there was a level of excitement there.” Triple H also spilled the news that NXT was going to USA Network, a factor that helped his spot on the brand. “A lot of the USA viewers were familiar with me from my time on Raw, so I had an advantage in that sense to be one of a few who have had that exposure before.”

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