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ROH Wrestling Results (2/24/20): Slex vs. Flip Gordon

ROH Wrestling Results 

Aired February 24, 2019 

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show opens with a video package that hypes up Slex.

Quinn McKay welcomes viewers to the show and previews the card. She says tonight’s whole show consists of highlights from ROH Free Enterprise.

Mark Haskins vs. Alex Shelley (Replayed from ROH Free Enterprise)

The competitors shake hands and exchange technical holds. They’re evenly matched but Haskins rocks Shelley with a few kicks. Haskins dives onto Shelley two times outside the ring. Shelley hits a crossbody but Haskins locks in an armbar and counters a roll-up into a crossface. Haskins continues to ground Shelley until both men clothesline each other. They exchange strikes and Shelley suplexes Haskins. Shelley drives Haskins face-first into a turnbuckle. Haskins drops Shelley with a Soldier Roll for a two count. Shelley hits Sliced Bread and locks in a crossface but Haskins rolls him up for a two count. Haskins locks in a Sharpshooter and makes Shelley tap out.

Winner: Mark Haskins

In a video package, Vincent talks about how he’s a leader and the video shows the rapid rise of The Righteous.

backstage, Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry discuss their match with Vincent and Bateman. Castle says he’s scary, and he has “spooky powers.” Hendry says they’re clicking as a team.

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