Renee Young
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Renee Young Talks Jon Moxley Being In AEW, Getting Hitched

Renee Young
Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Renee Young was the most recent guest on Chasing Glory With Lillian Garcia and the host of WWE Backstage touches upon a lot of topics, including her thoughts on how her and her husband Jon Moxley got married and then six months later, decided to make it official with a license.

“As much as it was a win and we knew we just wanted to like randomly do it whenever, we did have our marriage license for six months prior, so we had thought out there like, well, we know we can’t just randomly get married. We have to like actually make it legal. So yeah, when we were in Reno one day, I was with him on a live event and we woke up and were hung over and just like, what are we doing? We walked over to the city hall and we got our marriage license then. But yeah. Anyways, it was burning all in my pocket. I’m like, “All right, let’s do this. I’m ready.”

Renee also talks both the happiness she has for Jon as he’s living his best life as a pro wrestler in AEW, but also the few understandable frustrations she has with it too.

“It was easy for me. It sucked for me not having him on the road with me. My biggest issue was like, damn, we don’t get to travel together. You’re not in the hotel room when we finished the show. I miss having those moments, but …”

“He’s really happy. He has like a different energy to him. It’s crazy. Because I’ve only known WWE, Jon. Then once he was gone and now he’s like, oh my God, to the point that I’m like, “Can we stop talking about that?” Because he loves it. It’s his first love. He lives and breathes wrestling. He loves it. Yeah, he’s always making me watch Japanese wrestling or watching old school Terry Funk stuff that I’m like, “All right, I get it. I love it.” Yeah, he’s so happy. It’s cool to see him just bopping around thinking of different ideas and things that he wants to execute. It’s really cool.”

(Transcription credit should go to Chasing Glory)

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