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Moose Says Monty Brown Is A Smart Man To Stay Away From Him, Comments On Tom Brady’s Status

Moose isn’t sure what he’s doing at “There’s No Place Like Home” yet, but he doesn’t think a faceoff with former TNA star Monty Brown is likely.

Moose spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard ahead of this week’s IMPACT Wrestling tapings in Atlanta and talked about the busy schedule the company has over the next few weeks. One of the biggest events features the TNA one-night revival in Tampa, which has already gotten a lot of attention and several names from the past confirmed for the lineup. Moose says he’s not sure what he’s doing on the show yet, but he’s sure it’s going to be legendary.

“I’m excited about the show, it’s on a huge weekend in Tampa and a lot of fans are going to be there,” Moose said, “and I’m happy to be part of it. Last year we ran our show [IMPACT’s United We Stand in Rahway] and we drew close to 2,000 people. I can’t wait to see what we draw this year. It’s an exciting time for IMPACT Wrestling.”

One notable name that has come up in regards to TNA’s past is Monty Brown, who shares a similar past with Moose as football players. When asked if he’d entertain a showdown with the master of THE POUNCE, Moose initially said Brown might be scared of him, but rephrased his comments and said Brown might just be smart in this case.

“Monty Brown is someone that I’ve called out several times but I think Monty Brown is scared of Moose. I think he’s scared,” Moose said, “he knows what Moose would do to him. It’s the same thing that RVD, Rhino, Ken Shamrock, and whoever I wrestle at ‘There’s No Place Like Home’. …I take that back—I don’t think Monty Brown is scared, I think he’s a smart man.”

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Staying on the topic of football, New England Patriots star Tom Brady’s status has been a hot topic as of late, and Moose said he’d love to see the quarterback stay put but it looks like he might join another team. The two were teammates when Moose was in New England during the 2010 season, and he said Brady could end up benefitting from a new team with weapons and good protection.

“Honestly, I would love to see him going back to New England, but from the reports I’m seeing it’s a done deal he’s leaving. I could see him going to ‘America’s Team’ [Dallas Cowboys] or the [Tennesssee] Titans. The reason I say ‘America’s Team’ is because that team has the best offensive line in the NFL. They have great weapons,” Moose said, “they have arguably the best running back in the NFL, and you know how good Brady is when he has weapons. And Tennessee, I say that because—if I’m not mistaken—the third-best offensive line in the NFL, the best running back in the NFL and one of his best friends is a coach.”

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