WWE Elimination Chamber Results
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WWE Elimination Chamber Results (3/8/20)

WWE Elimination Chamber Results

March 8, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show

The Viking Raiders vs. Ryder and Hawkins

Erik slams Ryder down to the canvas. Hawkins tags in and Erik runs him over with a shoulder block. Hawkins hits the ropes and runs into another shoulder block. After a distraction by Ryder. Hawkins lands a high knee followed by a back suplex for a near fall. Ryder tags in and lands a few right hands. Ryder gets a two count after a leaping neck breaker. Erik is tossed to the outside. Hawkins dives off the apron and elbows Erik in the face. Hawkins and Ryder take turns working over Erik. Erik manages to tag in Ivar, who clears the ring. The Viking Raider land the Viking Experience for the win.

Winners- The Viking Raiders

Main Card: 

Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak takes Bryan down. Bryan gets to his feet but Gulak takes Bryan down with an armbar. Bryan escapes. Gulak floors Bryan with a shoulder block. Bryan takes Gulak over with a headlock. Gulak counters into a head-scissors. Bryan reverses that into a half crab. Gulak counters into a single leg crab. Gulak and Bryan kick each other over and over again as they are tangled up. Bryan ends up rolling out of the ring to regroup. Bryan rolls Gulak into a surfboard attempt. Gulak sits out and puts Bryan in a surfboard of his own. Bryan escapes. Bryan kicks Gulak in the thigh. Gulakv catches Bryan’s next kick attempt. Bryan and Gulak trade chops. Bryan tries another kick but Gulak turns it into a dragon screw. Gulak puts Bryan in a head-scissor. Bryan tries to headstand out of it but Gulak drives Bryan’s head into the mat in a short piledriver. Gulak hits a choking neck breaker for a near fall.

Bryan and Gulak tumble over the top rope as they both try to suplex each other. Both men are almost counted out. Gulak blasts Bryan with a Saito suplex. Bryan kicks out. Bryan is twitching on the mat after the high angle suplex. Bryan surprises Gulak with a dragon suplex hold. Gulak kicks out. Gulak responds with a German suplex. Bryan kicks out. Gulak lands release German suplex. Bryan kicks out. Bryan rolls out of the ring. Bryan almost gets countered out. Bryan manages to hit a running elbow strike. Bryan lands a few strikes. Bryan sets up a top rope ranna. Gulak escapes and hits a reverse suplex off the top. Gulak rolls into a dragon sleeper. Bryan reverses it into the Yes Lock. Gulak passes out.

Winner- Daniel Bryan

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