Photo Credit: Getty Images

Stephanie McMahon Says Linda McMahon Is Responsible For WWE’s Action Figure Line

In honor of International Women’s Day, Ringside Collectibles shared the following video of Stephanie McMahon being honored with the Changemaker Award at this year’s New York Toy Fair.

Stephanie talked about how Linda was a good example for her as a leader growing up. She noted Linda was the one who came up with WWE action figures after seeing Shane playing with GI Joes.

“My mom was then the CEO of our company and I think that’s incredibly important because I always had her as my example—I always just assumed women belonged at the top of business and assumed they should be CEO,” Stephanie said. “I never thought anything different.”

“It was actually my mom when she saw my brother playing with his GI Joes, had the idea, ‘We should have a licensing business for WWE. I think our Superstars would make great action figures’ and here we are so many years later.”

Mattel is WWE’s current partner for their action figure line; they previously had licensing deals with Jakks Pacific, LJN and Hasbro.