Photo by Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

Matt Hardy Talks Traveling To ‘Arcadia’, Working With Bray Wyatt

Speaking with Bill Apter at the Big Event last week, a very broken Matt Hardy had much to say about his most recent run with WWE as well as what he hopes for in the future. He has many fond memories of the last few years of his career, including securing two more distinct tag team belts with his brother and working with Bray Wyatt. For the latter, he calls the Deleters of Worlds partnership “a better love story than Twilight.”

As for what the future holds, Hardy said what he’s been saying on social media and in his Free The Delete series. He’s on an expedition for “Arcadia”, a place that can be a true creative outlet for the few years he has left as an active performer. We’ll find out if his quest is an Exalted One this Wednesday, or if he’ll surprise the wrestling world by popping up elsewhere in the coming weeks. Or, if his debut was ruined by a global medical crisis and we’ll only learn about it years later. With someone like Hardy, anything is possible.

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