Photo Credit: Adam Pretty/ALLSPORT

Dennis Rodman Wants The Gronk, Kevin Owens Welcomes KO-Mania IV

Dennis Rodman Wants The Gronk

In a bonus clip from the WWE Untold episode focusing on his WCW escapades, basketball icon Dennis Rodman said that he’d love to get back in the ring against fellow sportsman Rob Gronkowski. The new host of WrestleMania has yet to prove himself outside of a Battle Royale, but Rodman says that he isn’t scared of the disparity in age between the two stars. With WWE running out of legends to bring back, something like this might just happen.

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Kevin Owens Welcomes KO-Mania IV

Four years ago, Kevin Owens started a WrestleMania tradition that involves duct tape, self-portraits, and a huge ego. Even if he’s a face these days, nothing stops the KO Mania train, and WWEShop has just posted KO-Mania IV shirts for purchase. Even if this year’s WrestleMania is most unorthodox, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating.