IMPACT Wrestling Results

IMPACT Wrestling Results (3/24/20)

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X-Division Title Number One Contender’s Scramble Match: Daga vs. Willie Mack vs. Acey Romero vs. Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju vs. Jack Crist vs. Cousin Jake vs. Trey

A huge brawl breaks out. Romero and ends up in the ring with Mack. Romero chokeslams Mack then hits a senton. Trey and Bey both hit top rope dropkicks, sending Romero out of the ring. Trey and Bey have an exchange that ends in a stalemate. Trey tries to shake Bey’s hand. Bey dropkicks Trey. Raju catches Bey with a flying elbow in the corner. Cousin Jake deadlift powerbomb Raju. Crist breaks up the pin. Crist lands multiple kicks to Cousin Jake. Mack bodyslams Jake. Mack follows that with a standing moonsault. Mack lands a dive outside of the ring. Trey, Daga, and Bey exchange blows in the ring. Dage clears the ring.

Romero chops Daga. Daga hurts himself trying to lift Romero. Romero bodyslams Daga. Romero goes up top. Everyone cuts him off. Tower of doom on Romero. Daga lands a frog splash bit Raju breaks up the pin. Trey puts Crist in an Indian deathlock. Bey tries to break it up but walks into a northern lights suplex by Trey. Raju breaks up Trey’s pin with a diving headbutt off the top. Bey and Raju land stereo dives. Jake lands a slingshot splash to the outside. Romero calls for a dive but is cut off by Crist. Romero bounces off the ropes and obliterates Crist with a pounce. Romero dives out of the ring onto everyone. Mack lands a Six Star Frog Splash for the win.

Winner- Willie Mack

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