Bob Armstrong
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‘Gimme 100 Pounds’: ‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong Still Lifting Weights At 80, Edge vs. Jeff Hardy At Royal Rumble 2009 Available Online

‘Bullet’ Bob Armstrong Still Lifting Weights At 80

Age is just a number in the Armstrong family, particularly with its patriarch in “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. The father of Road Dogg, Brad and Scott may be 80 years old and battling cancer, but that doesn’t corral the legendary veteran from pulling a few weights around. Referee Scott Armstrong snapped a photo of his dad doing a lat press that had a 100 lbs he had to pull down.

Today my 80yr old Dad, @WWE Hall of Famer Bullet Bob, asked if he could come over to get a workout! He’s got bone cancer in his ribs, shoulder and prostate and chose not to go through any treatment (his choice)! I put 30lbs on there and he said, ‘Gimme 100lbs!!!’ #Motivation

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Full Match Of Edge vs. Jeff Hardy At Royal Rumble 2009 Available

This year’s “Road to WrestleMania” has indeed been long and winding, but something that should make a fine rest stop is watching some classic bouts featuring some stars of “The Showcase Of The Immortals.” One perfect match to do such is 2009 Royal Rumble battle between Jeff Hardy and Edge. Could we see these two square off once more? That’s definitely a “wait and see,” but you can prime yourself for Edge’s return to singles competition with the full bout below:

Tables and ladders enter the mix as WWE Champion Jeff Hardy takes on longtime rival Edge in a lawless battle: Courtesy of WWE Network.